Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Last week I drove all the way into work and annoyingly arrived 2 and a half hours early, I got the shifts mixed up. However, this meant I had some time to kill in town and what better way to do so then to spend 40 minutes in one of my favourites stores, Lush. I ended up picking up some amazing new hair products (review to come later), something special from the new Valentine's Day range and a new cleanser, Aqua Marina

Now, I haven't used many cleansers before especially nothing like Aqua Marina. This is one of Lush's most popular skincare products and it's easy to see why. This seaweed and calamine face and body cleanser really makes you skin feel fresh and beautiful as well as having many beneficial factors too. 

This was recommended to me as more of a morning cleanser because of how it helps unclog pores of any left over makeup, that may not have come off properly the night before and cleanse the skin of any grime and excess oils. This cleanser is amazing for those who have oily skin, like myself. As it creates a clear complexion by extracting these excess oils. 

"We use kaolin and calamine to absorb oil and cleanse the skin, and aloe vera to restore moisture". 

At first the seaweed or Irish Moss gel, freaked me out a little bit but this actually has restorative minerals and vitamins - so helps keep this product and you skin even fresher. One thing I did struggle with at first is figuring out how much I needed to use. You only need a small piece to massage it in you hands and watch as it turns into a paste. I found it a little hard to apply as some chucks would stick to areas of my face but you really have to work it in to form a lather. I then massaged it into my skin and rinsed off. 

This cleanser is so good for reducing redness and soothing any breakouts. This is also suppose to help mattify you skin as well - so another great factor for anyone with oily skin or even just an oily t-zone. This cleanser is so refreshing and effective. My skin feels so smooth and the tiniest bit of products goes along way. So for the price of £7.25 for the 100g tub, I think is really good and affordable. The 250g one is £18.10, so if you're looking to try it out I'd recommend going for the smaller one or asking for a sample. Definitely worth giving this a whirl for anyone with spot-prone skin, redness, oily skin or anyone who wants super smooth complexion. And of course this product is 100% cruelty free and Vegan!

Have you tried any Aqua Marina or any other Lush skincare products? If so leave any feedback or recommendations for new things for me to try out.


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