Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Hello! Or Ahoj, in Czech..

From March 21st to the 24th I was able to visit the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic for a college media studies trip. I went with a group of 14 other students including my boyf, we stuck together during the trip which was nice to be able to go and explore by ourselves, but by the end of  we were friends with the rest of the people that went too. I wanted to share with you a few photos and tell you about all the exciting things we got up to in the city..

DAY ONE:  we simply arrived to our hotel and straight away got a tram to the main town and explored Old Town which is home to many incredible buildings and architecture, Easter Markets and the famous clock. 

DAY TWO:  An early start was required as we got the coach to the Barrandov Film studies. This was such a cool experience as we went on a tour around the sound studios, museum and the costume and props areas. Barrandov is one of the biggest studios in Europe and so many big Hollywood films are set here. In the image below you can see the massive warehouse-looking building where the whole of Narnia was filmed - none of those movies were filmed outside! The floor can open up and be filled with water and it's completely soundproof so directors have control over the noises in their production. James Bond was another big film name that was filmed in these buildings - apparently Tom Cruise used one of these huge spaces as a personal gym when on set here in Prague. 
After the studios we went to explore more the main town and got to some shopping and drinking too..

(everything is so much cheaper, it's more expensive to buy a Coke than a beer in Prague, bevvies are pretty much a quid!)

Dungarees -  ASOS
Top - ASOS
Coat - Primark
Shoes - Converse

DAY THREE: Our third day consisted of visiting a special effects museum of old tricks that directors used in film, that was really interesting then we went over the Charles Bridge and saw the changing of the guards at this really pretty political building with old churches and more Easter markets round the back. We also managed to grab a Starbucks with an amazing view of the older parts of town. In the evening we saw a BlackLight theatre show which was interesting to say the least. 

DAY FOUR: On our last day we went to some small markets local to our hotel and then went into town for some more shopping and drinking.. We went to a James Dean style bar and many other cute cafes in the square which was really fun. After a few drinks we stumbled ( not literally ) to a mirror maze and kaleidoscope cinema, I don't have any good photos from this but it was so so fun and I would definitely do this again, I would 10/10 recommend.  I managed to pick up some bits from Inglot and ventured round Sephora. I also got some super comfy but stylish black trousers which will be featured on the blog very soon. 

I absolutely loved Prague, cheap drinks, cheap food and the most scenic and beautiful I've visited in Europe. 
I can't wait to revisit this city and can't wait to explore more of Europe in the future.

Have you been the Prague? Where would you love to visit the most in Europe?


  1. I went to Prague in July and totally agree, so cheap and SO beautiful! I would love to go back but I have so many other places to go first!! I even saw the same street performers as the guys in your picture (and some others that had a snake in the middle of the street loool). xx

    Charlie CP |

    1. Ah really! I want to go back in summer for sure, lovely place couldn't agree more - thanks for the follow x